Mocking end to end testing for http endpoints, Simple Http/Https mocking server implemented in Go. Simple service to easily get started with mocking for end to end testing and development.

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Mocking API Server — Simple service to easily get started with mocking for end to end testing and development implemented in Go.


Unit Testing

Test Driven Development emphasizes starting with test cases first, writing a failing test and then implementation to make the test pass, we continue working our way up following the “red/green/refactor” mantra building on our implementation.

All is well until we hit a wall interacting with external…

Build and Test AWS Serverless Application Locally

Build AWS Serverless Application Model locally using AWS SAM CLI and LocalStack . Image processing serverless application using Amazon API Gateway, Amazon S3 and AWS DynamoDB built and tested locally using mock AWS services.

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We explore what is Serverless and walk through a simple image sampling serverless application. We develop and test application locally using LocalStack to mock AWS services not needing an AWS account. This helps when we do not want to incur cost on AWS for quick tests.


1. What is Serverless ?

Before we answer what is Serverless, let’s explore following fundamentals — On Premise, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

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AES File Encryption

AES File Encryption utility in Go. Implementation wraps go crtypto/aes package to encrypt/decrypt file. Multi Factor Encryption utility.


CKUREIT — Simple utility to encrypt and decrypt files, Multi Factor Encryption solution. Use a secret to perform AES encryption on a file, which returns unique secure token. Use same secret and secure token to decrypt file.

We look briefly at hashing and encryption, finishing up with CKUREIT implementation.

Show me the code



Encryption allows for sharing and storing data locally or in the cloud with high confidence that sensitive information is not easily…

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Step by Step Guide — Microservices using Quarkus

Microservice example using Quarkus. Docker images for microservices. Kubernetes deployment. Distributed tracing using Jaegar. Centralized logging using ELK stack.


This article covers microservices implementation using Quarkus: Supersonic Subatomic Java. We look at Quarkus to realize a microservices architecture for a simple image sampling service.

We will list steps to incorporate Quarkus extensions for OpenAPI service definition, REST clients, Eclipse micro profile metrics, Distributed Tracing and Centralized Logging. We also look at creating Docker images for JVM and building Native images using GRAAL. The article concludes with deploying services to Docker Compose and Kubernetes.

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